This season, Ghost Brothers is moving from Destination America to TLC with eight new exciting episodes. TLC’s page for Ghost Brothers has a sneak-peek clip of Season 2 and asks viewers if they’re ready to be scared silly as the three good friends and paranormal enthusiasts return to explore more iconic haunted homes and locations. Known as TV’s first African-American ghost hunters, Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey bring with them the same healthy dose of curiosity, sense of humor, and hilarious comedic flare that fans of Ghost Brothers have come to expect from the humorous trio.

The Futon Critic shared that when the members of the Ghost Brothers team were children, all three of the men had paranormal experiences that stayed with them throughout the years. They eventually decided it was time to discover for themselves if ghosts or some other type of paranormal phenomena actually causes hauntings or if there be another explanation behind the activity. Although their method of investigating haunted locations often results in several funny moments between the three friends, in the end, they are serious about discovering for themselves what is really happening when they conduct investigations on Ghost Brothers.

Dalen is considered the leader of the group, and along with Juwan, they are both fashion designers with their own label called Loren Spratt. Marcus is known as the comedian, and he owns a barber shop in Atlanta, Georgia, describing himself as the “Barber to the Stars.” He first met Dalen in 2009, and the shop is where the Ghost Brothers trio often meet up to discuss new cases they are considering investigating.

Broadway World noted that Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus will continue to enlist the aid of local historians, caretakers, and others to provide them with information on the history of the locations they plan to visit in order to be better informed on what they may be facing during their investigations. Once night falls, the Ghost Brothers team brings viewers along for a spine-tingling but fun ride as they begin their investigations into the supernatural with the aid of local experts, a myriad of high-tech investigative equipment, trigger objects, and any other techniques or ideas they can come up with that will enable them to make contact with spirits or energy.

On the premiere episode, the Ghost Brothers team will travel to New Castle, Indiana, to investigate claims surrounding a location called Thornhaven Manor. Built in 1845 by Simon T. Powell, the home was once used as a stop along the Underground Railroad, and it is believed that a caretaker died in the home after he was poisoned by his son-in-law who was trying to cover up a crime. The building is rumored to have a dark, aggressive, negative energy that seems to mainly target men, so the Ghost Brothers team will have to watch their back. A hot-spot for paranormal investigations, over the years there have been reports of cold spots, dark figures, voices, growls, and other types of activity will keep the Ghost Brothers team on their toes as they conduct their investigation. The story behind why this is occurring is disturbing, but the team is determined to understand the phenomena that is behind it all.

Other sites the Ghost Brothers trio will explore this season include a sawmill located in the bayou of Louisiana ominously nicknamed the “Mill of Death”; the infamous, maze-like Winchester Mystery House in San Jose; a haunted elementary school in Middletown, Ohio; the “White Witch” of Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica; and much more.

Are you a fan of Ghost Brothers? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Ghost Brothers below. Ghost Brothers is produced for TLC by Pilgrim Media Group in association with Crybaby Media, and Season 2 of Ghost Brothers premieres on Friday, March 10 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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